STIK-IT(TM) Transfer Tapes are made up of a Silicone Coated Bleached Kraft Liner and a Un-Supported Adhesive Mass.
(nothing inside of the adhesive to help hold it together)

The STIK-IT(TM) Transfer Tapes listed below are stocked with a Finger Lift edge to allow for easy removal.

  STIK-IT(TM) Regular Transfer Tape - "Series 100"
A Clear Adhesive Designed for application to Bond and other similar papers for light mounting, i.e. paper to paper, paper to glass (store front banners). Will Adhere to most clean dry surfaces.
Available in 1/2", 3/4", & 1" in roll lengths of 3000, 4500, & 6000 feet.


  STIK-IT(TM) Permanent Transfer Tape - "Series 200"
A clear adhesive system with a high initial tack. Provides a quick bond which increases with time. Used to bond paper to paper, paper to glass (auto window stickers) and light mounting where removability is not required. Recommended for carbonless paper business forms.
Available in 1/2", 3/4", & 1 " in roll lengths of 3000, 4500, & 6000 feet. (Also avalible with plain liner)



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